Becoming a patient

What to expect

You may be referred to our radiation oncology practice by another cancer specialist, as radiation therapy may be recommended before or after cancer surgery, or before, during, or after chemotherapy.

Our expert cancer team will guide you through your treatment, no matter where you are along this journey. Our doctors work closely with your other cancer specialists, regularly communicating with all the members of your healthcare team regarding your progress.

Your consultation

During your consultation, our radiation oncologists will provide a thorough understanding of your diagnosis and treatment options to help you feel more at ease and in control. If radiation therapy is right for you, a treatment planning appointment is scheduled, and additional referrals may be recommended, including:

Your treatment plan

A treatment planning appointment is scheduled within a few short days of your consultation. At this time, a customized treatment plan will be formulated with the benefit of CT-aided imaging to ensure each and every treatment is delivered precisely on target.

Your treatment

Highly trained radiation therapists administer treatments, which last 20-40 minutes, including set-up time.

A course of treatment may last from one to several weeks, depending on the type, stage, and location of the cancer as well as the kind of treatment technique your radiation oncologist recommends.

You will see your physician each week for a careful examination and evaluation to ensure treatment progresses as planned.

Your follow-up

After your prescribed course of radiation therapy is completed, you will return for routine follow-ups to ensure treatment is effective and continues to meet the intended goals.

These appointments can be scheduled as frequently as every 3 to 4 months during the first few years after treatment and occur typically once a year after that.

These visits may include a comparison of imaging studies, physical exam, blood tests, along with a review of your exercise and nutrition prescriptions.

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